Asking Vic

Vic Ketchman

Vic Ketchman has an extremely popular column on where fans and readers get their questions answered. Ketchman has been covering the NFL for a good bit of time for the Steelers dynasties of a few decades ago to a fledling franchise in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I enjoy the column because while he does answer questions about the Packers; it's open to all football questions from rules to the recent NFL & NFLPA situations.

Here are my contributions to date:

Posted March 8, 2011 on
Ben from St. Marys, GA
What parts of Aaron Rodgers' game can he still improve on?
I would think he would say consistency; that’s usually the answer you get from any player that has reached his level of skill. One of my favorite offensive coordinators, whose father, I’ve been told, reads this column, is fond of saying: “If you can do it once, you can do it every time.”

Posted August 15, 2011 on
Benjamin from Saint Marys, GA
What is the most memorable play you have ever witnessed?
The Immaculate Reception. By the way, I love Saint Marys.

I just read that the game this happened in was the first Steelers playoff game he ever covered.

Posted August 18, 2011 on
Benjamin from Saint Marys, GA
Who would you rather have calling plays for your team, Mike Holmgren or Mike McCarthy?
I’ll take McCarthy because I’m a balance guy and I think he is, too. I firmly believe in balance between run and pass. Holmgren has a reputation for having been a great play-caller, but I always thought he had a tendency to get too one-sided toward pass. I think his decision to write Shaun Alexander out of the game plan for Super Bowl XL was a terrible miscalculation.